Your support can make a difference

Join the Target: Aortic Stenosis initiative to help drive efforts for timely diagnosis, appropriate treatment and improved quality of care by:
•  Helping us raise awareness and understanding of aortic stenosis signs and symptoms 
•  Positively empowering people to better manage their risks and self-management
   with patient and caregiver resources 

By integrating Target: Aortic Stenosis into your communities or health care outreach efforts, you are helping to bring awareness to the risks and the forefront of heart-health conversations, supporting people with Aortic Stenosis, their loved ones, and clinical teams in their efforts to identify at-risk patients and coordinate care plans to improve health outcomes.

For more information about the Target: Aortic Stenosis initiative please contact Heather Simpson at

Also, to learn more about participating organizations, and to access additional resources, visit:
 Association of Black Cardiologists Logo    Alliance for Aging Research Logo  Heart Valve Voice US Logo(link opens in new window)

Resource toolkit for current alliance partners: 
Rollout and Implementation Guide (pdf)

Messaging and Creative:
  AS Fact Sheet (pdf)
  Professional messaging (zipped file)
•  Patient/Consumer messaging (zipped file)

Patient Resources
•  Public Health and Awareness (website)
•  Aortic Stenosis Symptom Tracker (pdf)
•  Patient/Provider Discussion Guide (pdf)




Edwards Lifesciences is the national sponsor of American Heart Association’s Target: Aortic Stenosis.