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American Heart Association Ventures (AHAV) is a platform that leads and coordinates the venture capital programs of the American Heart Association.
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What is AHA Ventures?

The vision of AHA Ventures builds upon the overall AHA mission by funding programs that ensure the translation of high quality, evidence-based science, research and clinical know-how into actionable, meaningful, equitable and sustainable positive impact for patients and the health care system.

What is included within AHA Ventures?

Currently, AHA Ventures has two active programs:

American Heart Association Social Impact Funds

The AHA Social Impact Funds, including the Bernard J. Tyson Social Impact fund, are, collectively an impact-focused venture fund investing in sustainable, scalable businesses that address social drivers of health. This fund invests in organizations that expand health access and quality; drive economic empowerment; and, address food insecurity.

Cardeation Capital

Cardeation Capital, a venture fund established in 2017 in collaboration with Aphelion Capital, Philips, UPMC and RCT Ventures. Cardeation invests in medical technology companies.

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Managing Partner
AHA Ventures

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Managing Director
AHA Ventures