Healthcare Certification

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The American Heart Association with the Joint Commission collaborate to provide hospitals Acute Stroke Ready Certification, Primary Stroke Certification, Thrombectomy-Capable Stroke Certification, and Comprehensive Stroke Certification to qualifying hospitals. The collaboration has recently been expanded to provide cardiac certifications including Comprehensive Cardiac Center Certification, Advanced Certification for Heart Failure, Acute Heart Attack Ready Certification, and Primary Heart Attack Center Certification. 

AHA also provides Hypertension Center Certifications for physician practices and has recently expanded its portfolio to offer certification programs for Post-Acute Care facilities. The use of the Heart-Check mark for certification programs allow providers to communicate their recognition by the American Heart Association to patients and caregivers.

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Stroke Certifications

Available to all hospitals nationwide. Learn how your hospital can maximize and demonstrate its stroke treatment capabilities through stroke certification.

Comprehensive Cardiac Center Certification

The premier cardiovascular certification awarded to hospitals that demonstrate high-quality care using evidence-based, guidelines-driven treatment and foster collaboration throughout the system of care.

Heart Attack Center Certifications

Optimize STEMI patient care and participate in your regional system of care as a certified heart attack center.

Hypertension Center Certification

This certification program identifies physician practices with the expertise to treat complex and challenging hypertension cases.

Advanced Certification in Heart Failure

A collaboration between The Joint Commission and The American Heart Association.


American Heart Association Certified Care

With offerings coming soon in Home Health Heart Failure, Assisted Living, Hospice/Palliative Heart Failure Care, Hypertension, and Center of Excellence

Skilled Nursing Facility Heart Failure

Our first product launch as part of our American Heart Association Certified Care line. Please reach out to find out more.

AHA Skilled Nursing Facility Heart Failure