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The American Heart Association has a long history of recognizing hospitals for their quality of care through certification designation. Recently, we embarked on a journey to improve patient care in the non-hospital setting with a greater focus on systems of care. In 2019, our first program was launched for skilled nursing facilities treating heart failure patients.

As our programs continue to expand, these programs are designed to standardize the coordination, adherence, and implementation of evidence-based care. Our mission is for patients and their families/caregivers to have the reassurance of choosing one of these certified organizations. This trust of the American Heart Association's Heart-Check mark has been long recognized in other areas but now is the established seal for those seeking the best heart and stroke care.

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The AHA's Certified Care™ certification programs recognize improved patient care beyond hospitals. 

Skilled Nursing Facility

Designed to elevate care, prioritizing improved patient outcomes and ensuring a smooth transition from facility to community.



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Home Health - Heart Failure

Dedicated to  focusing on patients  with heart failure transitioning to home and receiving home care.

Hypertension Certification

Identifies physician practices with the expertise to treat complex and challenging hypertension cases. Hypertension Centers are certified as either a Comprehensive Hypertension Center or a Hypertension Practice Center.

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Heart Failure

Healthy Senior Living

Supports independent and assisted living facilities to enhance cardiovascular health and quality of life for residents.

Palliative/Hospice - Heart Failure

Designed for palliative/hospice agencies caring for patients in late-stage heart failure.

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Certified Care Collaborators

Check out these organizations working with us to improve patient care in the non-hospital setting. 

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