Mission Lifeline Regional Recognition

52 Mission: Lifeline Regional Trailblazer Received Recognition

AHA’s Mission: Lifeline recognition program has now expanded to recognize Mission: Lifeline Regions participating in Get With Guidelines-CAD and Mission: Lifeline Regional Reports. Mission: Lifeline regional report program participants have long since brought together regional and state-wide stakeholders in a collaborative manner reducing mortality and morbidity for STEMI patients.

Mission: Lifeline regions achieving this inaugural award are Trailblazers in STEMI Systems of Care. Optimal care for STEMI patients takes coordination at both the individual hospital, EMS and system level. “These regions receiving the Mission: Lifeline Regional Trailblazer award are pioneers in STEMI Systems of Care implementation and are leading the way in care coordination, use of evidence-based care guidelines and coming together to assure a high-quality functioning STEMI Systems of Care,” per Dr. Alice Jacobs, Professor of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine and Chair, GWTG-CAD Systems of Care Advisory Work Group.

How can hospitals participate in Mission: Lifeline Regional Reports and Mission: Lifeline Regional Recognition?

  • Enroll in GWTG-CAD
  • In the enrollment process, agree to participate in the Mission: Lifeline Regional Reports
  • AHA Quality Staff coordinates formal organization and inclusion in a regional report
  • Submit STEMI Data into GWTG-CAD
  • Regional Report data is available in GWTG-CAD in near real time.

How can EMS agencies participate in Mission: Lifeline Regional Recognition?

  • Encourage hospital participation in GWTG-CAD
  • Once hospital is enrolled in GWTG-CAD, request the hospital complete the process of creating their EMS Agency picker list.
  • Actively attend institutional and regional STEMI multidisciplinary meetings

2020 Mission: Lifeline Regional Recognition Measures:

  • Arrival to PCI ≤90 Minutes 
  • Mission: Lifeline EMS FMC to PCI 
  • ASA At discharge 
  • Beta Blocker at discharge 
  • Statin at discharge 
  • ACE/ARB at discharge 

And at least 2 of the following 4 measures:

  • ASA at arrival 
  • Adult Smoking Cessation counseling 
  • Cardiac Rehab Referral from inpatient setting
  • Arrival to 12 Lead ECG ≤10 Minutes