Data Quality Review Program

Improving confidence in your data resulting in improved clinical practices and future program enhancements.

The data quality review program promotes optimization of data quality, provides insight into data abstraction inter-rater reliability assisting in quality improvements that can impact patient care, streamline data administrative processes, and help facilities prepare for certifications at no additional cost. This review does not impact any past, current, or prospective American Heart Association awards.

The Process

This collaborative process is centered around your facility. There are two options for the data quality review: screen sharing or redacted chart review. Following a review of charts randomly selected by your facility, a detailed process and summary will be reviewed with your team. As always, additional follow-up with Get With The Guidelines program consultants is available to support your program.

Why This Matters

High quality of data gives you the confidence to positively influence clinical practices, future program improvements, and ultimately improved patient outcomes. Get started today leveraging program resources and working side by side with our experts to improve your data quality and data transparency.