Introducing the Social Impact Fund

The American Heart Association is investing in local entrepreneurs and organizations that are breaking down the social and economic barriers to health equity.

Health doesn’t begin at the doctor’s office.

When people don’t have stable homes, nutritious food, good schools or clean air and water, their health suffers. The differences among neighborhoods can be dramatic: The life expectancy of two people living just a few miles apart can differ by  20 years.

The American Heart Association’s Social Impact Fund is helping close that gap by supporting projects that can change neighborhoods — and improve the lives of everyone there. 

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Social Impact Fund investee reaches those considered unreachable

Cherie Craft founded Smart From the Start, a Boston organization that helps economically disadvantaged children. "I know that when people make judgments and assumptions, it becomes pervasive,” she said. “People begin to think, 'I'm not worthy, I'm not capable.' But they are!" she said. "They may not have money, but they can be rich in other ways. Once folks figure out who they are, they have a better idea of what they can achieve. Once you believe better, you can do better."

(Photo courtesy of Cherie Craft)

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