Introducing the Social Impact Fund

The American Heart Association is investing in local entrepreneurs and organizations that are breaking down the social and economic barriers to health equity.

Social Impact Fund: Year 1

This time last year, the American Heart Association announced the Social Impact Fund to address social determinants of health, because where you live should not determine how well or how long you live.

To date, we’ve activated more than $12.8 million in new funding for 19 organizations that are breaking down social and economic barriers to health. Let’s reflect on the year with Raymond Guthrie, managing director of the Fund. 


8 social entrepreneurs receive funding to break down health barriers

Social Impact Fund investments help turn the tides of disparity into sustainable opportunity

Currently operating in Chicago, Boston and Flint, Michigan, the Association’s Social Impact Fund empowers communities with localized resources to change their own trajectory of health and well-being. Investments by the American Heart Association, the world’s leading nonprofit organization focused on heart and brain health for all, support solutions in the areas of economic empowerment, healthy food access, housing, recidivism (a person’s relapse into criminal behavior), access to quality healthcare, transportation and educational opportunities.  

Health doesn’t begin at the doctor’s office.

When people don’t have stable homes, nutritious food, good schools or clean air and water, their health suffers. The differences among neighborhoods can be dramatic: The life expectancy of two people living just a few miles apart can differ by  20 years.

The American Heart Association’s Social Impact Fund is helping close that gap by supporting projects that can change neighborhoods — and improve the lives of everyone there. 

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