Heart Valve Problems and Disease

About Heart Valves

Understanding the role of each of the four heart valves can help you learn why you might need to be on the look out for certain signs and symptoms

Signs and symptoms

HVD can happen to anyone at any age, but the risk increases as you get older. Yet, many people do not recognize the symptoms in time. Lower your risk by downloading the American Heart Association's symptom tracker to help better manage your health.

Tips for the newly diagnosed

HVD is a relatively common condition affecting more than 8 million adults in the U.S. If you or someone you know has been recently diagnosed, download this infographic containing information on everything you should know about heart valves.

Treatment options

HVD is a condition where the heart valves don’t work as they should. HVD can usually be successfully treated if you know your treatment options.

Survivor and caregiver support

Managing HVD takes a team! Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a valve problem or care about someone who has,  we invite you to share your story on the American Heart Association's Support Network and remain connected with fellow survivors and caregivers.

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Meet Our Heart Valve Ambassadors

Hear from our ambassadors, who share their experience with heart valve disease. They work with the AHA to raise awareness about heart valve disease and share resources for patients and families.

Heart valve ambassadors

Get support. Or offer it. Make a connection. For life.

Facing heart disease or stroke or caring for someone who is? Get encouragement and offer guidance during challenging times. Visit our Support Network.

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The Edwards Lifesciences Foundation sponsors the AHA’s Heart Valve Education Center and Ambassador Program: Heart Valve Disease.

Heart Valve Toolkit for Healthcare Professionals

Find tools and resources for your patients.