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Healthy for Good is a revolutionary healthy living movement to inspire you to create lasting change in your health and your life, one small step at a time. The approach is simple: Eat smart. Add color. Move more. Be well.

How do you want to live?

Eat Smart

Healthy eating starts with healthy food choices. You don’t need to be a chef to create nutritious, heart-healthy meals your family will love. Learn what to look for at the grocery store, restaurants, your workplace and any eating occasion.

Move More

A good starting goal is at least 150 minutes a week, but if you don’t want to sweat the numbers, just move more! Find forms of exercise you like and will stick with, and build more opportunities to be active into your routine.

Be Well

How do you want to live? Along with eating right and being active, real health includes getting enough sleep, practicing mindfulness, managing stress, keeping mind and body fit, connecting socially, and more.

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You don’t need a guilt trip. We know you know. You want to be Healthy for Good. And we’re here to help. We’ll keep you on track with shareable tips, videos and hacks.

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Healthy for Good News

Elderly woman flu shot

Are you getting a flu shot this year?

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Glad to hear it! The sooner you get your flu shot, the sooner you’ll be protected. Getting vaccinated can help stop the flu from spreading in your family and in your community. That’s critical — because the flu can lead to serious complications for children, seniors, pregnant women and people with heart disease, diabetes and lung disease. Get a flu shot every year — and encourage others to follow your lead.

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We hope you’ll think twice. Getting the flu is worse than having a bad cold. Did you know that it can lead to serious complications for children, seniors, pregnant women and people with heart disease, diabetes and lung disease? It can also lead to hospitalization, an increased risk of heart attack or stroke, and even death. Getting vaccinated protects you, your family and your community. Please reconsider your decision and talk to your doctor or health care provider.

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