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Our organization was founded by cardiologists. To this day, we strive to support professionals in the fight against cardiovascular disease and stroke.

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Professional Heart Daily

Rely on Professional Heart Daily for the latest highlights from our journals, science news and continuing education efforts. Select the community that’s most pertinent for you. Also find related resources.

American Heart Association

American Heart Association | American Stroke Association

As a division of the American Heart Association, the American Stroke Association is dedicated to fighting stroke. Visit our Stroke Resource Center for the tools you need to facilitate stroke prevention, treatment and recovery.

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CPR & ECC: A Lifesaving Focus

The AHA plays a leading role in CPR and ECC (Emergency Cardiovascular Care) education. Our education initiatives continue to demonstrate resuscitation quality improvement for enterprises large and small.

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Quality Improvement

The AHA wants to equip professionals with the tools and resources necessary to improve care as well as patient outcomes. Learn how our quality programs can benefit your organization.

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Personalized Medicine and Cardiovascular Care

The AHA's Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine (The Institute) aims to develop the science and practice of personalized medicine to improve the cardiovascular health of individuals and populations. Learn more about The Institute’s advances at the individual, community and national levels.