Mission: Lifeline® EMS Recognition

Mission: Lifeline EMS recognition is a program designed to showcase Emergency Medical Service organizations across the nation for excellent STEMI care. Prehospital personnel are the first providers of care to patients suffering from cardiac emergencies. The role of EMS in the system-of-care for these patients is crucial and often sets the course for the patient's outcome. The Mission: Lifeline EMS recognition program is launched in 2014 and continues to celebrate the achievement of the pre-hospital providers and their collaboration with each other and destination hospitals specific to STEMI patient care.

Why Participate in Mission: Lifeline EMS Recognition?

Mission: Lifeline connects EMS providers, referring (non-PCI) hospitals and receiving (PCI-capable) centers in a coordinated system of care. The program also assists EMS agencies in getting the feedback needed to understand how the system of care is working and provides evidence-based metrics to measure the system's performance.  

2021 Mission: Lifeline EMS Recognition Tools and Resources

Application submission deadline is 5/30/21 at 11:59pm CT

Due to COVID-19, updates to the required achievement measures to include two new stroke measures is being delayed until 2022. For the 2021 recognition year (based on 2020 data) the required achievement measures will remain the same as those required for 2020 recognition (see Mission: Lifeline EMS Criteria document for details).

The use of unique application links to submit the required data will continue for the 2021 recognition year. For EMS agencies that applied for 2020 recognition those links will be emailed to the primary contact listed on the 2020 application submitted. For agencies who did not apply in 2020, please complete the 2021 Mission: Lifeline EMS Recognition Application Link Request form and a unique application link will be provided.

2021 Mission: Lifeline EMS Recognition (Video)(link opens in new window)

For questions please email MissionLifeline@heart.org or reach out to your local AHA Quality Improvement Manager

We at American Heart Association appreciate your continued commitment to providing quality care to the communities you serve.