Stroke Certifications

In collaboration with The Joint Commission, The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association provide a comprehensive portfolio of stroke-focused certifications, available to all hospitals nationwide.

Why Certify?

Patients and hospitals alike benefit from these innovative certifications. 

Patient Care

Certified hospitals can provide improved efficiencies, reduced morbidity/mortality rates, improved long-term outcomes, and increased patient satisfaction. 

Financial Outcomes

The implementation of a stroke-center program has been associated with a decline in the average cost of treating stroke patients and a lower average length of stay. 

Market Differentiation

Certified hospitals can stand out from competitors. With certification, hospitals have access to a comprehensive communications & marketing toolkit to celebrate and leverage the credential news.  

Stroke Certifications

Select the program that fits your hospital’s unique needs and goals. Learn more on The Joint Commission’s website.  

Support & Resources for Certifying Hospitals

Once certified, hospitals have access to an online community, education, resources, quality improvement consultants, a marketing toolkit, and the opportunity to participate in an advisory group. 
Stethoscope seen in the hand of a hospital professional wearing scrubs. A doctor in a white coat can be seen in the background.

Cardiac Certifications

Explore cardiac certifications to help you and your community achieve the goals of a STEMI system of cardiac care.