Heart Failure

What is heart failure?

Heart failure means the heart isn’t pumping as well as it should. As a result, your body isn’t getting enough of the oxygen-rich blood it needs to work properly.
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Manage Heart Failure

Let's Talk About Heart Failure

In this free all-in-one learning tool, you can learn to navigate living with heart failure and take actions to improve quality of life. Start today to learn the symptoms and stages of heart failure, understand how medications, treatments and lifestyle can impact the condition and more. Explore on your own time and download free resources along the way.

HF Helper App

An app that helps you manage your heart failure.

HF Helper lets you:

  • Track symptoms, medications and more
  • Share health information with your health care team
  • Connect with others living with heart failure

Enjoy a better quality of life by downloading HF Helper today at:

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Managing Heart Failure Symptoms

It’s important to know the symptoms of heart failure. Take note of any subtle changes in your body’s ability to compensate. Be sure to manage and keep track of symptoms and report any sudden changes to your health care team.
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Explore My HF Guide

Our free interactive workbook to help manage heart failure symptoms

Heart Failure Treatment Options

Successful treatment relies on both you and your loved ones playing an active role in your health.


Support That Empowers

Recovery becomes so much more manageable when you have the right kind of emotional support. Our online community of patients, survivors and caregivers is here to keep you going no matter the obstacles. We’ve been there, and we won’t let you go it alone.
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Your Care Team

Use these aids to help you make the most out of your next appointment.