Get With The Guidelines® - Stroke Recognition Overview

Don't miss out on recognition opportunities as a participating hospital.  Awards can be leveraged for PR and marketing opportunities, as well as recruiting and staff engagement. 

Award Levels

Hospitals that participate actively and consistently in Get With The Guidelines®- Stroke are eligible for public recognition. Participation is the first level of recognition. It acknowledges entry of baseline data into the registry tool. 

Beyond participation, there are three levels of recognition, determined by the length of demonstrated performance:

  • Bronze: recognizes performance of 90 consecutive days.
  • Silver recognizes performance of 12 consecutive months.
  • Gold recognizes performance of 24 consecutive months or more.

    For More information on recognition criteria, visit Stroke Recognition Criteria.

Quality Awards

Silver Plus and Gold Plus Quality Awards are advanced levels of recognition acknowledging hospitals for consistent compliance with Quality Measures embedded within the registry tool.

Please note: Recognition criteria are subject to change based on program enhancements.

For questions please contact your local representative or [email protected].


Recognition Process

How does it work?

  • Data will be transferred quarterly via IQVIA to AHA, the data will be aggregated by hospital, and award eligibility will be determined.
  • Time of compliance will be on the calendar year (January to December) for all award levels.
  • Hospitals will be notified in May if they qualify for award.

What is the hospital's responsibility under the automated award process?

  • Hospitals must have all prior year (calendar year) data entered into the registry tool by March 31.
  • Complete Quality Improvement Programs Permission Form and return to your local QSI director (Note: It's only necessary to complete this form if your hospital has not done so in the past, or if you have a name change request)
  • Hospital will be notified by local QSI staff in May if they qualify for award