Get With The Guidelines® - Resuscitation Research

Our research fuels clinical improvement. Our database expands research opportunities.

Reading Get with the Guidelines®- Resuscitation published research can help you apply the latest findings to your hospital's resuscitation processes. Read inspiring studies that contain the most recent research that could begin to benefit your hospital today!

Publications by Year (pdf)

At the same time, your participation in Get With The Guidelines - Resuscitation opens new opportunities for your hospital to pursue research studies through access to the program database. As you plan your research project, you may want to review a list of current research topics in progress or recently published as well as a listing of Get With The Guidelines - Resuscitation data elements (PDF). 

If you have any questions regarding the publication process or Get with the Guidelines - Resuscitation publications in general, please contact

To access data, please download and complete a Research Data Request form (Document).

The Publication Process and Requirements (PDF) document will provide guidance as you prepare abstracts and manuscripts using the program database.

Please note: The Get with the Guidelines - Resuscitation Adult & Pediatric Research Task Forces meet every other month to review new proposals. Therefore, Research Proposals received by the 15th by 12am ET of each odd month (Jan/Mar/May/July/Sep/Nov) will be reviewed the month following.