Get With The Guidelines® - Resuscitation Recognition Criteria

Award Level

Hospitals that participate actively and consistently in Get With The Guidelines®- Resuscitation are eligible for public recognition. Participating in GWTG-R is the first level of recognition. It acknowledges program participation and entry of baseline data into the Patient Management Tool.

Download Recognition Criteria for Get With The Guidelines Resuscitation

What is the hospital's responsibility under the automated award process?

  • Hospitals must have all prior year (calendar year) data entered into the Registry Tool by March 31.
  • Complete Quality Improvement Programs Permission Form (document) and return to your local QSI director (Only necessary to complete if not done so in past or you have name change request) 
  • Hospital will be notified by local QSI staff in May if they qualify for award

Don't miss out on these recognition opportunities. We thank you for your continued dedication to improving patient care, if you have any questions please contact your local representative or email [email protected].