Get With The Guidelines® - Resuscitation Overview

Reviving the Rules: Get with the Guidelines®- Resuscitation

Turning Guidelines into Lifelines.

Saving more lives in every hospital through data-driven resuscitation care

Get With The Guidelines®- Resuscitation (GWTG-R) has its roots in the American Heart Association's National Registry of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (NRCPR), started in 1999 to collect resuscitation data from hospitals nationwide and create evidence-based guidelines for inpatient CPR. 

Our Mission: To save more lives by preventing in-hospital cardiac arrest and optimizing outcomes through benchmarking, quality improvement, knowledge translation, and research.

Our Approach: GWTG-R facilitates the efficient capture, analysis and reporting of data that empowers and supports the implementation of current guidelines, creation and dissemination of new knowledge, and development of next generation, evidence-based practice in resuscitation science.

In 2010, the program was incorporated into Get With The Guidelines and enhanced to provide additional resources, tools and benefits, including:

  • performance benchmarking and feedback across all patient populations for continuous quality improvement
  • access to the most up-to-date research and scientific publications
  • professional education opportunities, such as workshops and webinars
  • quality improvement field staff support
  • national and local public recognition in U.S. News & World Report
  • web-based data collection

Data collection and feedback reporting are performed using the American Heart Association’s Patient Management Tool™ (PMT), an online, interactive system provided by IQVIA. Download the Get With The Guidelines - Resuscitation fact sheets for more information.

The Get With The Guidelines - Resuscitation program is provided by the American Heart Association.