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Virtual Atrial Fibrillation Conference (Enduring)

This activity focuses on AFIB education resources and providing insight into common AFIB treatment barriers. Best practices will be reviewed to help hospitals lacking AFIB programs to learn about creating administrative buy-in, setting up an AFIB clinic, and creating a multidisciplinary team to better treat patients and improve outcomes.

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Episode 5 explores current guideline recommendations for anticoagulant use in Afib patients, factors that contribute to undertreatment, and common drug interactions to be considered in anticoagulated Afib patients who are being treated in other disease care settings.

Episode 4 will take a closer look at the common barriers to anticoagulant therapy in Afib patients. We will examine strategies to support shared-decision making, patient education, and navigating those crucial conversations to overcome patient refusal of guideline directed therapy.

Episode 3 will delve into the complex workflows within a health system and how they be a help or a hindrance to an AFib patient once they are discharge. Our guest will demonstrate effective strategies that allow collaboration both within the hospital as well as with external clinics to ensure that care management does not end at discharge.

Episode 2 provides a roadmap for creating a culture of high-quality Afib care within a health system. We'll discuss the importance of anticoagulant therapy and Afib management education outside of the electrophysiology and cardiology teams, how this education is reflected in other care settings, and how this can be replicated.

Episode 1 provides insight into the process of successfully implementing an EHR solution within a health system with the goal of improving medication education for anticoagulant therapy in Afib patients. We will team pharmacy's role, workflows, dosing, monitoring, and education tracking.


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