COVID-19 CVD Registry Workshops and Webinars

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E6: COVID-19 and Heart Disease: Increases in myocarditis and administering ACE inhibitors and ARB - Audiocast transcript

E5: COVID-19 Vaccine and the Seasonal Flu - Audiocast transcript

E4: Don't Die of Doubt - COVID-19's Impact on Cardiovascular Disease - Audiocast transcript

E3: Research's Critical Role in Understanding Emerging Stroke Trends in COVID-19 patients - Audiocast transcript

E2: Establishing processes to maintain quality of care through telehealth - Audiocast transcript

E1: Telehealth: the patient perspective - Audiocast transcript


American Heart Association® Heart Failure in the Time of COVID-19 Webinar (Transcription)

American Heart Association® Stroke in the Time of COVID-19 Webinar(link opens in new window) (View Slides)

(link opens in new window)Research Opportunities Leveraging the American Heart Association® COVID-19 CVD Registry(link opens in new window)

American Heart Association® COVID-19 CVD Registry Webinar(link opens in new window)


The COVID-19 Registry Office Hours will be a recurring webinar taking place each Thursday from 12:00-1:00pm CDT starting through the end of July, 2020.

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