Cut Out Added Sugars Infographic

Cut Out Added Sugars Infographic

Cut Out Added Sugars

Added sugars are sugars added to foods and beverages when they’re processed or prepared.  Consuming too much can lead to disease – and even early death.

The American Heart Association recommended daily limit for added sugars:

  • Women - 6 teaspoons; 100 calories or less
  • Men – 9 teaspoons; 150 calories or less

Where do added sugars come from?

  • Deceptive drinks – flavored milk, sports & energy drinks, sugary soda & tea, sweetened juice
  • Unbalanced breakfasts – breakfast & energy bars, granola, sugary cereal, sweetened oatmeal
  • Sweet, sweet syrups – coffee flavors, drink mixers, jellies & jams, pancake syrups
  • Ice-cold candy – ice cream & gelato, frozen yogurt, fruit-flavored popsicles, sherbet & sorbet
  • Bewitching baked goods – bread & pastries, cakes, cookies & pies, donuts, flavored bagels

Easy ways to avoid them:

  • Check nutrition facts label and ingredients
  • Limit sweet and sugary beverages
  • Choose simple foods over heavily processed ones
  • Rinse canned fruits if they are canned in syrup

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