Take Action To Control Stress

smiling African American woman writing in journal in pajamas

Empower yourself by taking action to control your stress level. Set goals that are reasonable to achieve.

Confirm the actions you will take, starting this week.

I will practice using positive self-talk at least once a day.

Yes | No |  Maybe

I will remember to use emergency stress stoppers when I face stressful situations.

Yes | No | Maybe

I will spend at least 15 minutes every day finding pleasure in something that I enjoy.

Yes | No | Maybe

I will practice daily relaxation, such as deep breathing or another relaxation technique.

Yes | No | Maybe

I will add one of the 10 healthy habits to my life this week. The habit is: __________________________.

Yes | No | Maybe 

How many "Yes" answers do you have?

  • 3 or more: That's terrific! Take a week or two to get used to these habits, then think of more healthy habits you can practice to manage stress.
  • 1 or 2: Good! Work on these habits for a week, then take the quiz again. Maybe you will be able to add another "Yes" answer.
  • 0: Don't worry. Work toward one of these goals or you can create your own goal. Think of stress management techniques that work for you and practice them as often as needed.