Back to Sports Mini-Grant Requirements for Athletic Trainers

Please note that we are not accepting new mini-grant applications at this time. However, athletic trainers that have already been selected to receive a mini-grant must successfully complete the following requirements in order to receive the mini-grant benefits:

  • Promote meeting by distributing the Back to Sports invitation (digitally or printed).
  • Conduct meeting/event during grant term, to a minimum of 30 attendees, utilizing the Back to Sports Toolkit and resources. In order to meet this requirement you may conduct as many meetings as needed to reach the 30 attendee minimum.
  • Cover a minimum of three Back to Sports safety topics including concussion awareness and cardiac arrest with CPR skills, utilizing the Back to Sports presentation materials and resources. To meet this requirement, you may select to conduct one Back to Sports meeting/event or splitting up topics across multiple meetings/events.
  • Secure administration approval in advance of meeting(s)/event(s); and
  • Cooperate with requests of AHA for required grant documentation and other information related to Facilitator’s participation in the Program, including participation in any evaluation activities, including but not limited to post-meeting surveys, interviews or other evaluation methods as requested by AHA. Failure to cooperate may result in immediate revocation of this Agreement and any grant payment or other benefits.

For more information or questions about the Back to Sports mini-grant program, contact the American Heart Association at