Early Childcare Education

With 60 percent of American children spending a majority of their day in early childhood programs, helping early childhood programs (serving children from birth through age five) improve and sustain nutrition, physical activity, screen time, infant feeding, sleep habits, staff wellness, and family engagement is critically important to ensure children have the chance to be healthy from the start. Our work in early childcare programs has provided support to participating centers through subject matter experts and guides policy change as centers implement key wellness components.

Our work guides policy change.

About Early Childcare

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In 2013, the American Heart Association launched Healthy Way to Grow (HWTG) in collaboration with Nemours Children’s Health System as a national, science-based, early childhood technical assistance program designed to help improve practices and policies for obesity prevention. The program quickly expanded beyond the inaugural 6 communities and continues to reach others across the U.S. If you are interested in bringing HWTG to your early childhood program, community, or state connect with us by sending an inquiry.

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For close to a decade, we have worked with a wide range of childcare centers from Early Head Start and Head Start, family childcare, faith-based organizations, military bases, tribal communities, school districts, small businesses, community organizations and more, helping ensure children, caregivers and parents have the tools needed to build healthy habits through a systemic approach to addressing health and wellness in early life.