Planning a School Event for Educators

Bringing the Kids Heart Challenge or American Heart Challenge to my school!

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Educators Leading with Heart

Why lead a KHC or AHC event at your school?

It’s a great way to encourage your students to take care of their hearts. They’ll learn why being active at school and at home is important for physical and mental well-being.

The Challenge combines fun movement with fundraising for the American Heart Association. Students help kids with special hearts and can use their stories to spread the message.

By getting involved, students learn the impact of volunteerism and service learning and become empathetic to kids with special hearts.

Teachers choose one or more activities for the Challenge based on students’ interests and talents.

Once your school is registered, you (the “coordinator”) will receive a Volunteer Guide that tells you everything you need to know.

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To make running the Challenge easy and straightforward, you’ll also receive:

  • Interactive technology like a free user-friendly app and virtual reality field trips to support you along the way

  • Strategies for email and social media promotions

  • Guidance for fundraising

  • Lesson plans and activities related to heart health topics, including vaping for middle and high school students

  • Information about benefits of participation by school level and all program materials easily accessible in one place

Featured Testimonial Videos

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Need More Information?

We have a team of staff who are dedicated to helping you imagine what a KHC/AHC event might look like at your school.

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