The Kids Heart Challenge & American Heart Challenge

Steps and Timeline for Running a KHC or AHC Event
kids having fun in Kids Heart Challenge Fundraiser

Running a Kids Heart Challenge or American Heart Challenge Event

Step 1: Pre-register

  • Talk with your school administration/principal about running a Kids Heart Challenge or American Heart Challenge event.

  • Once your school is on board, register! An AHA staff person will then contact you to begin the process.
principal of school in hallway
student with microphone

Step 2: Prepare for your event!

  • Your local AHA staff person will contact you to arrange a meeting, get you set up and provide login information for your event Headquarters.

  • About four weeks before the event, your school can hold a kickoff to get students excited, give them information to take home to parents and share details about thank-you gifts/incentives.

Step 3: Event Week – It’s go time!

  • Event week is the time to CELEBRATE your school’s progress! It’s the time to recognize all the great heart-healthy learning and activities that have taken place. It’s the time to be proud of your fundraising and the impact you’ve helped the American Heart Association make.

  • Post pictures and videos on social media to share the amazing work you've done using the hashtags #americanheartassociation and #kidsheartchallenge or #americanheartchallenge!
teacher and students have fun at event

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