Telehealth Stroke

Certified Professional by the American Heart Association (CPAHA)
Physician at Desk having Telemedicine visit with Stroke patient
Learn how you can expand and maintain your telehealth stroke skills through a new American Heart Association certification for individual health care professionals.

This certification offers a framework for evaluating professionals interested in validating their knowledge and experience in telehealth stroke principles and care delivery.  Certification provides validation that an individual has followed the American Heart Association’s rigorous, science-backed requirements.

Commit to ensuring everyone, everywhere has access to high-quality stroke care.
Stroke patient sitting on couch holding iPad and headphones.

How Patients Benefit

  • Assurance that patient care is at the heart of the certification.
  • Knowledge that the health care professional can provide expert services using evaluation criteria supported by American Heart Association science.
  • Opportunity for more effective, accessible and efficient care, particularly for those who otherwise lack access to quality health care.

How Health Care Professionals Benefit

  • Validation of a level of expertise that only the American Heart Association can offer.
  • Possibility of more patient referrals, professional recognition and increased salary.
  • Enhanced credibility and the personal satisfaction of providing your patients with the best possible care via telehealth.
  • Certificate and graphic suitable for display.
  • Branding guidelines provided by the Association to help alert local media channels that you hold the credential.
  • Access to the Association’s advocacy and policy resources and updates.
Black woman physician holding laptop
White woman sitting at desk with laptop

How Referral Sources & Insurance Providers Benefit

  • Support care coordination and communication between the referral source and agencies, enhancing the continuum of care for the patient.
  • Confidence of certification built on the Association’s science and guidelines. 
  • Opportunity to demonstrate quality of care through patient outcomes.