Palliative/Hospice Heart Failure Certification

Creating confidence in the quality-of-care that heart failure patients receive during their advanced stages

This certification provides a framework for evaluating palliative/hospice agencies against the American Heart Association® evidence-based guidelines for heart failure patients. Certification provides validation that an agency has followed our requirements.

The certification provides confidence that:

  • An agency's heart failure program is based on standards aligned with AHA science
  • The agency is recognized by the AHA, based on professional evaluation criteria designed by heart failure and palliative/hospice experts.

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See Who Stands Out Among Hospice/Palliative Care Facilities!

Download our current map of agencies working to improve care for late-stage heart failure patients. These certified sites meet the AHA key standards and a rigorous review process.

How it Benefits Patients & Caregivers

  • Assurance that the care being received is at the heart of the certification
  • Knowledge that the agency can provide services designed by heart failure and palliative/hospice experts using professional evaluation criteria supported by AHA science
  • Confidence their heart failure treatment is coordinated from admission and throughout palliative/hospice care

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How it Benefits Agencies

  • Opportunity to promote an AHA certification
  • Opportunities for increased and timelier referrals
  • Access to collaborating with other Palliative/Hospice Heart Failure certified agencies nationwide
  • Consultative services from AHA staff including program management, patient and caregiver education and support, care coordination, and clinical management.

How it Benefits Referral Sources & Insurance Providers

  • Support care coordination and communication between the referral source and agencies, enhancing the continuum of care for the patient
  • Provide confidence that agency’s heart failure program is based on standards built on AHA science
  • Opportunity to demonstrate quality of care of program through measures and metrics

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How to Become Certified

Start your journey by listening to this insightful webinar(link opens in new window) and get more information by filling out the form below.