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Thanks for your interest in receiving health information from the American Heart Association. We have health education packets and brochures with content designed to help you better understand your treatments, successfully manage your condition and reduce your risk.

If you are an individual and interested in receiving a sample brochure or information packet, please complete our product order form. Requests are limited to the residents of the United States and to no more than one packet and two brochures per household.

If you are a healthcare provider and are interested in placing an order or viewing online e-samples, visit our distributor, Krames. Registration is required to request samples and order online.

You can view a brief description of each brochure of interest by selecting it from the drop down menu below.

To request information about stroke, visit our stroke information request.

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Cardiac Rehab



Congenital Heart Defects

Heart Attack

Heart Failure

High Blood Pressure



Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

Physical Activity


Risk Factors



Weight Management