Healthy Kids

The American Heart Association is working to help kids and families live heart-healthy lives. Use these resources to help your family live longer, healthier lives.

Our Kids Programs

Find out what we’re doing to improve children’s health and create a nation of healthier kids.

Activities for Kids

Join the American Heart Association as we strive to teach kids the importance of staying active and eating healthy. Help your child live a stronger, healthier life with some of these programs and activities.

Life's Simple 7 for Kids

Life's Simple 7TM for Kids

Making small choices every day will help keep your heart healthy. Life's Simple 7 for kids was developed to help you understand how your lifestyle affects your heart so that you can make those heart-healthy choices. Learn more by exploring the articles in this section.

Childhood Obesity

As a parent, you want the best for your child. Every parent does. And we can help.

How to Make a Healthy Home

Parents and caregivers are essential decision-makers when it comes to the nutrition, physical activity and health needs of their children. Help your child develop healthy habits early in life that will bring lifelong benefits.

Simple Cooking with Heart for Kids

Simple Cooking with Heart TM for Kids

We’ve created this demonstration guide with kid-friendly recipes to spark young people’s interest in food, cooking and health.

Healthy tips for moms, from moms

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Voices for Healthy Kids

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