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Our mission is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, language, sexual orientation, national origin, and physical or cognitive abilities. We're committed to ensuring that our workforce, workplace and mission have a shared impact across America's diverse populations.

Celebrate Black History Month in Health

In celebration of Black History Month, our Heart & Soul Employee Resource Group brings the following cultural insights and traditions to help address health disparities in the African American community.

  • It's a community affair! Efforts to reduce health disparities among African Americans should be holistic, addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual health of individuals and their families. It's important to make connections with the greater community...
  • Lack of trust in healthcare. While African Americans are becoming increasingly health conscious, some may be suspicious of clinicians due to experiences past generations have had with health care. Health care providers should be advised to listen, as some may be reserved and even suspicious.
  • Is it Black or African American? Simply stated, "blacks" can be defined as all persons of African descent, whereas "African Americans" are those whose sociocultural roots are in North America and are of African descent.
  • Different is beautiful. As with other groups, not all African Americans and those of African descent share the same cultural patterns. Families that have immigrated recently from Africa & the Caribbean have different cultures compared to families that have been in the United States for generations.

Learn more about the Black community via the The Pew Research Center, Center for Partnership Studies, & Diversity Best Practices.

Members of the Heart & Soul Employee Resource Group

Members of the Heart & Soul Employee Resource Group

The Universal Language of Saving Lives

The American Heart Association is a proud catalyst for Hands-Only CPR certification in the Gulf Countries(link opens in new window). During March, more than 77,000 people in Saudi Arabia became certified in Hands-Only CPR, in celebration of Heart Month.

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We rely on volunteers, staff, donors and partners to help foster a smart, collaborative environment. Successful organizations make the most of diversity and inclusion to deliver programs, events and educational opportunities that support a culturally competent workforce that delivers on its mission.


Volunteers and staff in physical and virtual workplaces around the nation and across the globe come together to address many challenges to overcome health inequities related to cardiovascular disease and stroke. We aim to create workplaces that support the work of all peoples — regardless of their diverse backgrounds — to narrow the gap of heath disparities and bridge the gap to better health. Read our 2015-16 Health Equity and Inclusion Report to learn more.

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The American Heart Association is committed to ensuring that our mission makes an impact on America’s diverse populations — from consumers to partners to suppliers, in healthcare settings, restaurants and retail stores and in communities around the nation.

Supplier Diversity

We seek providers that align with our mission and provide quality services at competitive prices. Our database of current and potential providers is shared organization-wide.

Are you interested in being considered as a provider? We work with minority- and women-owned businesses as well as veterans, people with disabilities and LGBT-owned businesses.

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How can you help us help others?

With your help, we can save more lives through research, education and awareness-building efforts.


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