Staying Active with Your Pet

Updated:Dec 13,2013

Staying Active with Your PetNot only is physical activity important for you and your family, but it is important for your pet too.

Try these ideas for participating in physical activity together:

  • Go on a family picnic and bring your dog. Pack some healthy snacks like fruit, veggie sticks, mixed nuts, and plenty of water (including a bowl for your dog to drink!). Bring some fun toys like a Frisbee or ball and play a game of catch with your kids and your pet.
  • Cool off when it is hot by taking a run through the sprinklers. Put the kids in their swim trunks (don’t forget the SPF!) and run around with your pet in the water. Be sure to have a lot of drinking water available to stay hydrated.
  • Go to the open water. If you live near a beach or a lake find a location that is pet-friendly and bring them along for a day in the sun with your kids. Don’t forget the sunscreen and water!
  • Participate in local walks. Find local fundraising walks or fun runs that are animal-friendly and bring the whole family. You will be exercising, spending time together, and supporting a great cause.
  • Visit a dog park. If your dog gets along well with other dogs, find a local dog park to visit for an afternoon. You and your kids can take turns playing fetch, tug-of-war, and running around with your pet.
  • Walk home from school. If your child walks home from school, bring the dog when you meet them at school and walk home together. You can also walk together in the morning on the way to school or with a spouse or family member who walks to or from work.

Incorporate one or two of these tips a week and your family and your pet will thank you!

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