Heart-Check Meal Certification Program (Foodservice)

Updated:Oct 4,2016

Heart-Check mark Meal CertificationIn today’s hectic lifestyle, it’s tempting to hit the drive through or dash into a diner.

But the sad truth is that a lot of restaurant menu items are loaded with calories, sodium, saturated fat, and other things that can really do a number on your health--especially, when the convenience of restaurant food brings us to the table several times a week; it’s even more important to pick spots with healthy choices.

That’s why the American Heart Association is making it easy to find better options when eating away from home with the Heart-Check mark certification for heart-healthy meals.

Simply look for the Heart-Check mark on the menu—it’s similar to the one you may recognize from heart-healthy foods in the grocery store.

When you see the Heart-Check mark on the menu, you’ll know right away that the meal has been certified to meet our nutritional standards.

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Questions about Heart-Check Meal Certification

No, only the red heart with the white check mark is from the American Heart Association and meets our standards for heart-healthy meals.

Heart-Check Program

Heart-Check Mark

Heart-Check Food Certification Program

Look for the Heart-Check mark to find products in the grocery store that can help you make smarter choices about the foods you eat. 

Let our heart be your guide.