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Updated:Oct 14,2016

We offer these fun and interactive tools to test your knowledge and help you personalize information.

Fats and Sodium Explorer

How many calories do you think you should be consuming a day? How much do you know about the levels of fats and sodium in your diet? Use this tool and you'll find the answers to these questions. With recommendations designed specifically for you, this easy-to-use tool calculates your personalized:
  • daily calorie needs
  • recommended range for total fats
  • limits for the "bad" fats: saturated and trans
  • sodium information
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Test Your Fats IQ

Do you know your fats by heart? Ready to make informed choices about the foods you eat? Welcome to Face the Fats Quizzes — now you can test just how knowledgeable you are about fats. Answer the questions in each quiz and we'll calculate your score. Be sure to check out both Quiz I and Quiz II.

Face the Fats Quiz I - Get Started

Face the Fats Quiz II - Get Started

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