Take the Back to Sports Pledge

Updated:Jul 14,2015

I pledge to help keep youth sport participation safe and fun for all.

With this pledge I am making a commitment to promote youth sports safety and positive fun sport experience that contribute to the overall well-being of youth. Studies show that children who get the recommended amount of physical activity lower their risk for cardiovascular disease, perform better in school and have less discipline issues. They also learn important lifelong skills such as teamwork, commitment and goal setting.

By taking the pledge you will receive resources and tips from the American Heart Association via email to help you promote wellness, positive sport participation and youth sport safety.

I pledge to help keep youth sport participation safe and fun for all by:

  • Striving to be knowledgeable of the rules and fundamentals of the game
  • Increasing awareness for sport-related issues and proper responses
  • Learning CPR and becoming aware of where the closest automated external defibrillator (AED) is located
  • Promoting proper hydration and nutrition
  • Ensuring proper equipment fit by checking equipment every week
  • Checking coaches background on sport-specific knowledge and sport-safety training
  • Modeling sportsmanship to all players, coaches, and officials
  • Displaying unconditional support regardless of the outcome of the game

Let’s keep sports fun and safe for all kids!

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