Heart Valve Problems and Disease

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Problem: Heart Valve Regurgitation

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About Heart Valves
Many people live their entire lives and never consider the importance of healthy heart valves. But what happens when a heart valve is not working properly? Knowledge is power.
 Accurate Diagnosis
Learn about the possible tests and treatments for your condition. If you or someone you care about has a heart valve problem, equip yourself with knowledge so you can get the right diagnosis and treatment plan for a long and healthy life.
Valve Problems and Causes
You may have been told you have a heart murmur or a leaky valve. Or perhaps you’re seeking a better understanding of your valve disease. Learn more about heart valve stenosis, regurgitation, mitral valve prolapse and more.
 Treatment Options for Heart Valve Problems
Discover what you can do to clearly understand your treatment goals and options so that you can maximize your recovery.
Risks, Signs and Symptoms 
Find out why you may or may not experience symptoms of chest pain, chest discomfort, fatigue, lightheadedness or swelling. Symptoms may develop so gradually that they go unnoticed.
 Recovery and Healthy Living Goals
Good news! Recovery statistics are very good for people who receive proper treatment. Planning for your recovery is key to a successful outcome.

Personal Stories
Facing heart valve surgery can be a daunting task. You have every reason to be hopeful and positive about your recovery. You’re in good company: hear from other patients sharing their experience with heart valve surgery.