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Updated:Dec 14,2015

event photoThe American Heart Association is always working on behalf of your heart health. Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is one of the many ways you can help keep your heart healthy. To help you understand your risk for high blood pressure (HBP), we have expanded our successful community-level BP monitoring program — Check. Change. Control. — to locations throughout the country.

Check. Change. Control. empowers you to learn about, monitor and manage blood pressure through a combination of resources. To participate in or volunteer for a program in your area, click the appropriate link below to request more information.

  ALABAMA - Montgomery Contact
  ARKANSAS Contact
  CALIFORNIA - Los Angeles Contact
  CALIFORNIA - Oakland (Greater Bay Area) Contact
  CALIFORNIA - Orange County, Irvine Contact
  CALIFORNIA - Riverside Contact
  CALIFORNIA - San Francisco, San Jose  Contact
  CALIFORNIA - San Jose, Silicon Valley Contact
  COLORADO Contact
  DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Washington D.C. Contact
   GEORGIA - Atlanta Contact 
   HAWAII Contact
   ILLINOIS - Chicago Contact
   ILLINOIS - E. St. Louis Contact
   INDIANA - Gary, Indianapolis Contact
   IOWA - Des Moines Contact
   KANSAS - Wichita, Kansas City Contact
   MARYLAND - Baltimore Contact
   MASSACHUSETTS - Boston, Springfield, All MA Contact
   MICHIGAN - Detroit Contact
   MINNESOTA - Minneapolis, St. Paul, All MN Contact
   MISSOURI - St. Louis Contact
   NEBRASKA - Omaha Contact
   NEVADA Contact
   NEW JERSEY Contact
   NEW MEXICO Contact
   NEW YORK - New York Contact
   NORTH CAROLINA - Charlotte Contact
   NORTH CAROLINA - Triangle Contact
   OHIO - Cleveland Contact
   OKLAHOMA -  Oklahoma City
   PENNSYLVANIA - Philadelphia Contact
   PENNSYLVANIA - Pittsburg Contact
   TENNESSEE - Memphis Contact
   TEXAS - Austin Contact
   TEXAS - Dallas Contact
   TEXAS - Fort Worth Contact
   TEXAS - Houston Contact
   TEXAS - San Antonio Contact
   UTAH - Salt Lake City Contact
   VIRGINIA - Richmond, Central VA Contact
   WASHINGTON - Seattle Contact
   WISCONSIN - Milwaukee Contact

If your community does not have Check. Change. Control. yet, don’t let that stop you from getting to know and monitor your blood pressure numbers. With blood pressure monitoring available at no cost in many pharmacies, health care facilities, and even fire stations, you can easily find out your blood pressure readings. AHA has extensive blood pressure information online and a BP tracking tool called Heart360. Your blood pressure matters, so get serious about a potentially serious health matter.

Heart360 does more than track information. It educates you about your condition with relevant educational content, tools and resources. You will gain a better understanding of your current health information and will discover action plans suited to your current health needs. Heart360 connects to Microsoft HealthVault, a personal health application platform that provides a privacy- and security-enhanced foundation that’s used by a broad range of health care providers to advance health and wellness.

To learn more about other types of health information technology (health IT), visit

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