Workplace Health Solutions How It Works

A 2014 American Heart Association survey found that when it comes to getting employees engaged, a supportive culture of health and senior management leadership are keys to success. AHA’s five-step process guides you to assess the culture, structure and health outcomes of your organization’s workplace health program, and provides you with expert resources for making improvements which, best practice and scientific evidence strongly suggests, can lead to increased engagement and productivity, while also reducing healthcare costs and employee turnover.

Apple shoe checkStep One: Assess

The AHA’s Workplace Health Achievement Index is a scored self-assessment based on best practices to holistically evaluate the culture, structure, processes and outcomes of your workplace health program. Index reports indicate the levels to which you’ve successfully integrated a culture of health within your workplace, and offer constructive feedback on where you can make improvements. The Workplace Health Achievement Index Questions (PDF) can be downloaded as a pdf to see the specific measures and to use to prepare for taking the Index assessment online.

Laptop ChatStep Two: Access Our Expert Resources

AHA offers expert evidence-based resources to help you understand what works in workplace health, including our online Workplace Health Playbook(link opens in new window)(link opens in new window) that offers case studies for credible and actionable guidance. The online Resource Library gives you access to several AHA resources to address gaps identified after completing the Index self-assessment.

Profile loadingStep Three: Implement change, Measure Improvements, Update Progress

Engage employees in healthier behaviors with My Life Check, an online health assessment that provides employees with confidential and personalized recommendations based on the science of ideal heart health. (Organizations that opt out of using My Life Check may submit equivalent data).Implement new programs and policies during the next year to engage and support employees in adopting healthier behaviors. The Index allows you to track and measure your progress, and update your information, and see how this impacts your Index score. The Index will remain open until March 31st for companies to update their answers.

RibbonStep Four: Recognize and Reward Achievement

The AHA’s Workplace Health Achievement Index allows companies to qualify for bronze, silver or gold level recognition based on their Index score. Top scoring companies across size and industry categories will be awarded the American Heart Association’s Healthiest Workplace Award.

GraphicStep Five: Review Data Insights & Outcomes

Access a secure, password protected administration portal to view benchmark reports from the Index and dashboard reports for monitoring changes in the overall health of your workforce based on My Life Check or equivalent data. This data can be used to gain greater insights into your company’s culture of health and help you determine an action plan to improve your performance.

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