Workplace Health Achievement Recognitions

The American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index allows organizations to qualify for bronze, silver or gold level recognition based on their total Index score. The framework of the Workplace Health Achievement Index was built so that organizations would continue to strive to improve the health of their workplace and their workforce from one year to the next.

All public and private sector organizations may participate and be recognized, with the exception of tobacco organizations or companies or their corporate subsidiaries or parents. “Subsidiary” and “parent” are defined as an entity in which there exists a 5% or greater ownership by or of a tobacco organization or company.

Workplace Health Achievement Index 2021

In response to the disrupted location of employees amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we have waived the request for employee health data. We hope that this helps to remove any barriers to participation.

Participating organizations will only be scored and recognized on 55 “culture of health” questions.

Congratulations to the 2021 Recognized Organizations

These organizations have been recognized by the American Heart Association for their implementation of quality workplace health programs and culture of health best practices.

Workplace Health 2021 Achievement Recognition

Index Recognition

The Workplace Health Achievement Index scores organizations on 55 individual best practices, organized into seven categories of organizational best practices (leadership, engagement, programs, policies and environment, partnerships, communications, and reporting outcomes) and the objective, unbiased science-based assessment of overall workplace heart health using aggregate employee data from My Life Check or aggregate data from an equivalent source.

In 2021, a maximum of 151 points is possible for the completion of the Index. In response to the disrupted location of employees amid the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are scored only on the 55 best practices, and were not required to submit employee health data.

Workplace Health Index Recognition Level Gold Seal


2021 cycle: Index Score of 128-151 points

Workplace Health Index Recognition Level Silver Seal


2021 cycle: Index Score of 105 -127 points

Workplace Health Index Recognition Level Bronze Seal


2021 cycle: Index scores of 75-104 points

Recognition Benefits

Depending on the recognition level, recipients may receive:

  • Congratulatory letter to CEO from the American Heart Association CEO, Nancy Brown
  • Listed on Workplace Health Achievement Index Recognition website
  • Plaque and window decal for medal winners provided by local American Heart Association field staff
    (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • Fill-in-the-blank press release for one-time use (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • Digital icon badge of recognition level with American Heart Association proclaimer statement to use internally and externally on webpages, social media, and recruitment/retention materials (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • Template for social media use (LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter), and a template news release for your company’s localized one-time use (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

Usage Guidelines

Please refer to the Usage Guidelines for allowed use of recognition materials.

Recognition Process

Recognition is based on a company’s score from completing the American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index. The Index remains available to organizations year-round. We encourage organizations to use the Index as a reference to make improvements in workplace health promotion practices and policies. We also encourage organizations to make updates to the Index as progress is made. The goal of the Index is to drive organizational improvements and improve the heart health of employees. Improvements you make in the workplace will reflect higher scores in the Index. Celebrate your workplace health achievement with recognition from the American Heart Association!

A record of your Index results is captured on this deadline and used to determine possible recognition level. Recognition is announced in the late summer / early fall.