Guidelines Resource Center

Get answers to questions about preventing and treating heart disease and stroke.
The American Heart Association regularly releases guidelines and scientific statements for preventing and treating heart disease and stroke. What do these guidelines mean for you? Should you change your medications? Should you see a doctor for treatment? How do you know if you’re healthy? You’ll find answers here in the Guidelines Resource Center.

High Blood Pressure

In November 2017, the rules changed about what classifies as high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. Experts looking at all the newest data defined hypertension as a reading of 130 on the top or 80 on the bottom. In the past, the standard was 140/90.
Dr. John Warner, past president of the American Heart Association, discusses the 2017 high blood pressure guidelines with Dr. Paul Whelton, chair of the group that wrote the recommendations.

Heart Disease

Heart disease includes numerous conditions, and the American Heart Association regularly releases guidelines for how to diagnose, treat and prevent these problems.

Scientific Statements

The American Heart Association publishes scientific statements explaining research on heart disease and stroke.

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