Pets are the new WFH #Coworkers

father uses laptop in kitchen while kids draw dog

Employees are reporting greater productivity and higher job satisfaction when working from home — especially if they have furry co-workers standing by for support, walks, hugs and play time with the kids.

While social interaction is limited, your non-human co-worker might be one of the best friends you can count on for emotional support.

“The Best Friend Fridays concept is simple — human and pet interaction can lead to better physical and mental health. Studies have shown that pet ownership is associated with increased exercise and fitness levels, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, decreased stress and greater overall happiness and well-being,” said Dr. Glenn Levine, volunteer medical expert for Healthy Bond for Life and the lead author of the AHA Scientific Statement on Pet Ownership and Cardiovascular Risk.

Share your WFH co-worker photos and how your pet has helped you in these challenging times. Tag them using the hashtags #Pets and #Coworkers.

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Pets are good for your health!

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