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Heartful Unity

This Black History Month, let's come together with heartful unity. Be a lifesaver that unites our community in the shared mission of promoting heart health and saving lives through CPR and AED training.
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The intersection of Nation of Lifesavers and Black History Month: Black History Month serves as a poignant backdrop for the Nation of Lifesavers campaign, aligning the principles of empowerment, community engagement, and health equity. As we celebrate the rich heritage and resilience of the Black community, the American Heart Association recognizes the importance of fostering heart health education and building a legacy of health.

FACT: Women, Black, Hispanic and Latino people are less likely to receive bystander CPR.
About 90%
of people who experience an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest die.
CPR, especially if administered immediately after cardiac arrest, can double or triple a person’s chance of survival.
Nearly 3
out of 4
cardiac arrests that happen outside a hospital happen at home.
Take 60 seconds
to learn how to save a life.
Learn Hands-Only CPR

Why is learning CPR important for Black Americans?

Black Americans have the highest incidence of cardiac arrest outside of the hospital and are significantly less likely to survive.

Cardiac arrest in Black neighborhoods is associated with alarmingly low treatment and survival rates and studies have shown lower rates of both bystander CPR and bystander AED use in these neighborhoods. We need to change this trajectory.

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Impact in the Heart of the Community

The 2024 Impact With Heart celebrated community trailblazers at the 2nd annual awards ceremony that recognizes changemakers committed to achieving equitable health for all.

The American Heart Association salutes this year’s awardees, Andrew Suggs, Damar Hamlin, and Ashley Williams for the advances made possible through their entrepreneurship and voices.

From left to right: Damar Hamlin, Ashley Williams and Andrew Suggs holding their Impact With Heart awards in front of a step and repeat background.
Damar Hamlin, Ashley Williams and Andrew Suggs (Wjj Photography)

Color, Coronavirus, Cardiovascular Disease and the Importance of CPR

Pamela Garmon Johnson is standing with arms crossed and smiling on a white background. She is wearing a navy blazer with gold buttons and a white blouse.

African Americans become proactive in heart health post-pandemic.

Take Damar Hamlin’s #3forHeart™ CPR Challenge ❤️

Damar Hamlin

CPR saves lives. Be the beat by joining Damar's simple CPR challenge to help save lives today.

We’re investing in community-led solutions

Capital access and investment funds focused on communities, small businesses, social entrepreneurs, innovators and students impacting the social determinants of health

Committing to equity and a full, healthy life for everyone

The American Heart Association is investing over $230 million in a sweeping effort to ensure equitable health for all. Through research, community solutions and other substantial work, the AHA is addressing barriers to health equity including structural racism, social factors that hurt people’s health and threats to rural health.