Joey Barnett's Biography

Joey V Barnett, Ph.D.

President-Elect of the 2011-12 Greater Southeast Affiliate Board of Directors

Joey Barnett Pic

Joey Barnett is the 2011-12 President-Elect of the Greater Southeast Affiliate. Joey is the Professor of Pharmacology, Medicine, Pediatrics and Microbiology & Immunology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tenn. He has been an active volunteer and advocate for the American Heart Association for more than 25 years.


Joey has participated and directed research in cardiovascular development for the majority of his career. He has received numerous awards and honors, and has been affiliated with numerous professional groups, such as the American Association for Advancement of Science and the American Heart Association’s Council on Basic Cardiovascular Sciences. Some of Joey’s contributions to the American Heart Association include serving as Vice Chair for the American Heart Association Greater Southeast Affiliate Research Committee (2007) and American Heart Association Peer Review Steering Committee (2001-2002), as well as many other programs. Additionally, Joey has participated in numerous publications, media events, both on the local and national level, and been a guest speaker at several symposiums.