Health Equity Initiatives

Updated:Apr 4,2013
Health Equity

The American Heart Association is committed to proactively addressing the health inequities and disparities that exist in our country. Often the most disadvantaged Americans have the greatest need for preventive screenings, health promotion, or programming, but have the least access to these services.

Our federal advocacy priorities for health equity are:

  • Support the Health Equity and Accountability Act.
  • Work to eradicate the health insurance disparity through the Affordable Care Act.
  • Report health care quality measures by race and ethnicity, as well as by gender, primary language, and disability status
  • Work with the FDA and Congress to ensure that new medical treatments are available to cardiovascular disease patients and that safety and efficacy data for these new therapies is available by race and ethnicity, as well as by gender and age.
  • Increase access to cardiac rehabilitation.

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