Since 2014, the Institute has funded more than 80 grants totaling more than $30.5 million.

We're working on the next batch of grants.

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Meet our past grantees

Zechen Chong, Ph.D.

"I noticed that because of limitations in technology, many unresolved problems in genomics were actually computational problems. So, I decided to take advantage of my computational skills and apply them to the genomics field to solve these problems in order to improve the overall health of the human being."

Guido Falcone, MD, ScD, MPH

"Once we identify one of these [genetic] mutations, we can look at a combination of these mutations and try to gauge a person's risk even before that person has the disease. That's the world of precision medicine."

Stacey Knight, Ph.D.

“Our project takes those two very large datasets and uses the AHA Precision Medicine Platform to accelerate findings of cardiovascular disease-related genetic causes”

Bonnie Ky, M.D., M.S.C.E.

"Through the AHA’s Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine, I’ve been fortunate to obtain funding for a project focusing specifically on using imaging to identify new patterns of cardiotoxicity in breast cancer patients.”

Anand Rohatgi, MD

"Using these large cohorts of people with available specimens and the deep phenotyping approach, we’ll better understand HDL’s precise function not just for the population as a whole but for specific individuals."