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construction workers

Cardiovascular disease disproportionately affects the construction industry. That is why the American Heart Association has created an initiative to address the key risk factors affecting industrial workers and inspire them to live healthier, longer lives.

Construction workers

It’s no secret that industrial careers are hard work.

They are physically and mentally demanding. Requiring early start times, long hours, strenuous activity and often, eating what’s on hand rather than what’s healthy. We also know that cardiovascular disease disproportionately effects construction industries. That’s why the American Heart Association created an initiative to engage industrial workers across the country and inspire them to live healthier, longer lives.

Learn more about cardiovascular disease and the construction industry.

Local Hard Hats with Heart leader Bart Dickson (Cobalt Development) highlights the importance of addressing heart health in the construction industry.
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Hard Hat with Heart Industry Roundtable

The American Heart Association is convening local industry stakeholders for quarterly discussions to collectively identify workplace challenges, dominant behaviors impacting health and key health risk factors causing craftworkers to be disproportionately affected by heart disease and stroke. Together, we are developing and implementing unified policies, systems and environmental changes that will positively impact the health of construction professionals with a focus on improving mental wellbeing.

Construction Industry Resources & Tools

Thanks to the investment of time, resources and dollars of numerous industry partners, the American Heart Association has produced industry specific resources for use on jobsites.

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