Innovative Housing

Tiny Housing Development

A village of 600- to 800-square-foot houses can be 3D-printed in a day, cutting the time, effort, and the cost of production. America’s oldest shopping mall was transformed into a mix of living space and local businesses combining affordable urban dwellings, boutiques, and coffee shops.

Community Land Trusts can ensure that the community remains affordable to lower-income renters, even as property values rise. Shared Housing matches two or more unrelated people to share a home in exchange for rent or services such as cleaning or cooking and have grown in popularity.

Alzheimer’s Villages are common across Amsterdam and France. Everything is included in a safe and secure gated community, where residents are able to keep their independence while being able to roam freely, help out with tasks such as cooking and have mingle with others. So far, these villages have seen great improvement with those with Alzheimer’s, decreasing agitation and aggression.