America’s Top Dog at the Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection®

GRFW Red Dress

Save the date and tune in to Go Red for Women's #RedDressCollection 2020 on Facebook live: Feb. 5, 2020, 8 p.m. EST.

Every February, dozens of diverse personalities walk down the runway to shine a light on heart disease in women as they showcase the Red Dress Collection during New York Fashion Week.

This year, these passionate women will once again be joined by a famous sidekick: the dog named Best in Show of the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club of New York City.

Why take a world-famous pup for a such a fashionable stroll? It makes perfect sense if you look at the science. Researchers have found dog ownership can have a wide variety of health benefits.

In fact, it's been associated with a longer life, especially among heart attack and stroke survivors, according to recently published research.

This is the second year Westminster’s top talent has jumped into the fray to help women understand they are empowered to fight heart disease.

Last year, Bo Derek and Flynn strutted down the runway together, with Flynn's bright white fur contrasting sharply with the star's stunning red dress.

Be sure to turn in to this passionate, emotional event that we hope will empower women everywhere to take charge of their heart health.