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The American Heart Association developed Mission: Lifeline to transform care for the most vulnerable patients – those with high-risk time-sensitive emergencies including heart attacks, strokes and cardiac arrest. Delivering the best possible care in these critical situations requires that all of the components of care - from the onset of the emergency all the way through hospital discharge and the start of secondary prevention - work quickly and seamlessly. To accomplish this, Mission: Lifeline focuses on helping communities and regions form effective coalitions of hospitals, ambulance services, non-transport medical first response agencies, emergency communications centers, emergency medical service regulatory / medical direction agencies, local government, local media, and payers. An effective, efficient system of care saves and improves lives.

April 10, 2017 - NEW UPDATE!

GWTG-CAD is Back!

To support participation in Mission: Lifeline and cardiovascular quality improvement, the American Heart Association is pleased to once again, offer Get with the Guidelines-CAD (GWTG-CAD). GWTG-CAD was the American Heart Association's premier AMI registry from 2005-2010. Effective April 7, 2017, GWTG-CAD is once again live and available as a tool to track AMI process data. GWTG-CAD is now the primary data source for Mission: Lifeline program data. New and existing participants in the Mission: Lifeline program should enroll directly with AHA for no charge through 2017. 

Similar to our other Get With The Guidelines program, GWTG-CAD will be supported by QuintilesIMS. Together, the AHA and QuintilesIMS offer unmatched customer service and quality improvement and systems of care implementation expertise. GWTG-CAD will use the features and functions you love from the GWTG Patient Management Tool, including timely access to Mission: Lifeline process data, reports (hospital level and regional level), and progress toward Mission: Lifeline Recognition.

Get an in depth view of how this program can help you and your organization by viewing GWTG-CAD and Mission: Lifeline - The Past and Future Are Now.  

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Email Mission: Lifeline for more information regarding the new GWTG-CAD module supporting Mission: Lifeline

Thanks to the program's success in improvement of heart attack care, we are expanding Mission: Lifeline. It now includes care for: Patients who suffer from both types of myocardial infarctions - STEMI and NSTE-ACS (non-ST-elevation acute coronary syndrome); sudden cardiac arrest; and now, stroke.

Visit the new EMS Severity-Based Stroke Triage Algorithm Information Page:

All Mission: Lifeline participants share a common commitment to American Heart Association best-practice guidelines and data-based quality measures, and benefit from recognition, regional networking and knowledge transfer.

Join with the American Heart Association in this life-saving mission today. Select an option below to learn about adopting Mission: Lifeline at your hospital or EMS agency. 

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