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The numbers tell the story.

  • Almost 250,000 Americans experience STEMI, the deadliest form of heart attack, each year
  • Thirty percent of STEMI patients fail to receive percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) or thrombolytic therapy
  • Of those who receive PCI, only 40 percent are treated within the first medical contact to device timeframe of 90 minutes, recommended by the American Heart Association
  • Of those who receive thrombolytic therapy, fewer the half are treated within the recommended door-to-needle timeframe of 30 minutes
  • Seventy percent of those patients who aren’t eligible for thrombolytic therapy fail to receive PCI, the only other option to restore blood flow to blocked arteries

Mission: Lifeline® is working to change that.

We’re helping to create STEMI systems of care and improve existing ones to ensure prompt, seamless, effective treatment to STEMI patients.

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