Mission: Lifeline Participation Information and Resources

Updated:Jan 1,2018

Participating in Mission: Lifeline and Mission: Lifeline Recognition is now more flexible and available to all hospitals! Involvement in Mission: Lifeline shows commitment to improving STEMI Systems of Care and outcomes for all heart attack patients. Whether a prehospital provider, or a STEMI Referring hospital, each play a critical role in the system of care. 

Mission: Lifeline Tools and Resources 

Regional STEMI Systems of Care Implementation
STEMI Systems of Care Tools

Mission: Lifeline and GWTG-CAD Data Collection

GWTG-CAD Information

GWTG-CAD Marketing Sheet

Enroll in GWTG-CAD Today
Collecting, Interpreting and Reporting Data
Mission: Lifeline (Legacy) Report Updates

Mission: Lifeline Recognition Information and Tools
Join or Sign into the Mission: Lifeline Network - A network of professionals engaging in improving Systems of Care for STEMI, Stroke, and Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest. What does participation in Mission: Lifeline Network offer?
  • Regular Mission: Lifeline Program Announcements 
  • Reminders about Mission: Lifeline webinars
  • Notifications when Mission: Lifeline tools are updated
  • Ability to interact with other Mission: Lifeline Network members
  • Follow the latest news related to Systems of Care
  • Take advantage of available resources
  • View an interactive map of EMS Recognition Award Recipients
  • Stay up to date on Mission: Lifeline Recognition